Learn how DIRECTV manages its thousands of contractors and sub-contractors, boosts productivity and cuts costs with TrackVia.



John McGarvey, Senior Manager of IT Business Services at DIRECTV, has a pretty big job. He’s responsible for tracking, managing and reporting on work done by the company’s 4,000 subcontractors. But as you might imagine, John spent more time scrubbing data and piecing together reports than actually doing the more strategic management work he was hired to do.

It was evident that DIRECTV had outgrown their current system – data integrity issues and duplicate records were plaguing their reports and diminishing efficiency. He needed a workflow management software solution that could eliminate these issues and evolve with their processes.

Like most companies, John knew that the way DIRECTV did things was unique. McGarvey was not a software developer, yet he knew he needed workflow management software that was versatile enough to fit his specific needs, while also being fast and easy to learn by his department users and field employees.

As John himself explained, “A new workflow management software tool had to be something that I could design and configure myself. We’re not at a point where we can change our process to accommodate a tool. I need a tool to support what I already have in place.”

Beyond being able to create something very custom, John knew that DIRECTV needed to find a cloud-based solution, allowing them to easily centralize their data and avoid having to deal with corporate servers, firewalls, and technical challenges. John simply wanted a solution that allowed him to focus on designing an application to run his team and grow their business.

When John came across TrackVia’s workflow management software, he signed up for a trial and quickly knew he had found the right solution. TrackVia had the infrastructure and foundation that he needed to rapidly build and deploy a highly scalable enterprise workflow software application, while also providing the versatility and customization features needed to build an application around DIRECTV’s specific processes and workflow needs.

With the help of TrackVia’s customer success team, John hit the ground running and quickly configured a new workflow management software application using TrackVia, and moved his old data over to the new system in a matter of days. From there, he began fine tuning his new TrackVia application with all the workflow automation and reporting he needed. 

“A new workflow management software tool had to be something that I could design and configure myself. We’re not at a point where we can change our process to accommodate a tool. I need a tool to support what I already have in place. ” — John McGarvey, Senior Manager of IT Business Services, DIRECTV


What John McGarvey’s IT department estimated would take no less than a year to build internally, he was able to build in a matter of a few weeks. Moreover, John was able to design the workflow application himself, tailoring it exactly the way he needed to streamline his team’s work.

Since implementing TrackVia, John estimates he saves an average of 325 hours each quarter. Reports that use to take days or weeks to produce can now be accessed in real time with live, accurate data. He also estimates the company has reduced their workflow management software cost by 80% over their previous vendor.

The benefits of using TrackVia extend beyond the time and cost savings. McGarvey explains that the transition to TrackVia has been a seamless process for the entire department. Employees were able to quickly learn TrackVia with minimal training. In fact, when he initially told his employees that they would be switching from their old system to a new one, they asked for a month of transition time. In the end, John’s team fully transitioned to TrackVia in only one business day and have been using it ever since.

“A fellow colleague thought my team consisted of 10 people, rather than the three that we have, based on the amount of work we are able to accomplish. We have seen huge gains in productivity thanks to TrackVia.” — John McGarvey, Senior Manager of IT Business Services, DIRECTV

Since creating his original workflow application to track and manage subcontractors, McGarvey has expanded his use of TrackVia across DIRECTV’s global operations. Most recently, he built several new applications to help manage and streamline inventory for various Latin American divisions at DIRECTV, including Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Panama, Venezuela and Puerto Rico.

Today, he boasts about how well the system runs, and how easy it is for his people to learn. From the very beginning, the entire department was supportive of the enormous cost savings they would incur by switching to TrackVia, and now they’re able to get on board with its powerful functionality and intuitive usability. New users are able to log in for the first time and are shocked at how easy it is to perform a search and find exactly what it is they’re looking for. “Overall,” John says, “the whole experience has been just wonderful.” 


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