This Fortune 100 automotive manufacturer seeks continuous improvements in its inventory efficiency. Learn how TrackVia helped to define inventory management workflows and ensure the quality of finished goods.



A Fortune 100 Auto Manufacturer, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the development, manufacture, distribution, and sale of automobiles and replacement parts worldwide.

Like most manufacturing companies, optimizing and managing the rate of inventory turnover, and ensuring the quality of finished goods is important to overall financial performance. Therefore, this Fortune 100 Auto Manufacturer seeks continuous improvement in its inventory efficiency–especially given their complex and dispersed supply chain operations.

Similar to other discrete manufacturers, this organization stores some of its inventory of finished goods in warehouses until they are ready for shipment to dealers.

Their existing method of tracking inventory status, however, posed the following challenges:

  • • While the automobiles are in the warehouse, third-party vendors service the vehicles (e.g. inbound processing, quality checks, maintenance, and outbound logistics) but, for security reasons, are not allowed access to the corporate network to electronically update vehicle status. Therefore, the manufacturer could only receive inventory updates manually from its third-party contractors.
  • • With inventory in a constant state of change, the manufacturer’s staff requires daily access to up-to-the-minute information on the stored automobiles in order to accurately and efficiently manage their inventory workflows, which include quality and compliance checks, service and maintenance, and ultimately outbound logistics to get finished goods inventory to market.
  • • The existing data collection process–employing email and spreadsheets–was time consuming and inaccurate, as data had to be manually collected from paper forms and emails and input into spreadsheets.

These challenges prompted Charlie Antonsen, an employee in the company’s Distribution Field Operations, to search for a manufacturing inventory software solution that would be inexpensive to own, simple to deploy and maintain, and easy for a physically dispersed team to use.

TrackVia is perfect. The layout is so intuitive and the usability is unmatched. I use the Internet-style search all the time. I tried the other online solutions and they just don’t compare–they are inflexible and hard to use.” — Charlie Antonsen, Distribution Field Operations, Fortune 100 Auto Manufacturer


Antonsen was already familiar with other traditional manufacturing inventory software solutions and knew that those solutions either could not be easily, inexpensively or securely shared across a geographically dispersed work group. Instead, Antonsen turned to TrackVia, which offered a fully configurable cloud and mobile solution.

TrackVia manufacturing inventory software allowed Antonsen’s team to do the following:

  • • Define their inventory management workflows, implement the TrackVia solution and import all relevant data within one week for its Seattle facility–without help from IT or external consultants.
  • • Increase adherence to quality and compliance standards over time since employees capture the condition of each automobile as it enters the warehouse, and depending on inventory’s quality, automatically alert stakeholders and specific service providers, so they can take action to remedy quality issues in real time.
  • • Optimize inventory levels by determining current inventory, cars shipped, and cars awaiting shipment in addition to tracking damaged vehicles and dealers whose shipments have been placed on hold due to finance or product-related issues.
  • • Easily scale TrackVia to support inventory and quality management operations in 12 regions throughout the U.S., which handle hundreds of thousands of vehicles in inventory.

With TrackVia’s manufacturing inventory software solution, many distribution field employees are now able to able to accurately track, manage, and report on stored inventory, which they leverage to drive better decision making on a daily basis.


Overall, management’s ability to optimize inventory, turnover rates and overall quality of finished goods has improved dramatically, leading to a commensurate improvement in operational and financial performance. Due to this organization’s initial success with TrackVia, they have extended its deployment to tracking dealer hours and streamlining in-transit repairs.

About this Fortune 100 Automotive Manufacturer

This Fortune 100 Automotive Manufacturer, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the development, manufacture, distribution, and sale of motorcycles, automobiles, and power products worldwide.