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TrackVia is a next-generation low-code application platform, delivering true drag-and-drop application development and deployment in an modern cloud infrastructure.

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It’s no longer the big beating the small, but the fast beating the slow.

Eric Pearson, CIO InterContential Hotel Group

How TrackVia Stacks Up Against OutSystems

Take a look at the major differences between TrackVia and OutSystems.



#1 Low-code platform in the cloud


(Outsystems Platform)

Rapid Application Deployment

TrackVia provides a true drag-and-drop user interface and model-driven development across the entire system. Although not required, TrackVia provides advanced App Scripts, Microservices, and API features for deep customization and integration.

Average deployment time is 2-3 weeks.

OutSystems “claims” to be low-code, but typically requires time-intensive, complex coding to deploy even the simplest applications. These heavy systems take longer to build, deploy, and change.

The average deployment times range from 24-48 weeks.

Enterprise Cloud

TrackVia is a fully cloud-based system, delivering next-generation cloud capabilities via Amazon Web Services (AWS), including enterprise-class scalability, real-time provisioning, active-active redundancy & system back-up.

OutSystems provides primitive cloud-based options, requiring users to download and manage on-premise software for application development and deployment. As a result, they often lack enterprise-class features for management and scalability.

Speed to System Improvements

TrackVia offers the fastest speed for making iterative changes to applications as requirements and business needs evolve. With TrackVia, make changes to all of your application components, like reports, filters, forms, data fields, views, workflows and more, in seconds with mouse clicks. Improvements and iterative app changes are then instantly deployed and available to all users.

OutSystems not only take longer to implement and deploy, but they also lack a way to rapidly and easily make iterative changes to apps. Even basic changes require advanced programming and time-intensive re-deployment, especially for mobile apps, which must be submitted through the App Store before any improvement can be realized for end-users.

Modern Mobile

TrackVia is a mobile-first solution, which allows users to build their application once and with a single click, instantly deploy it across the Web, iOS and Android. There’s no separate system to learn or manage. No need to download additional software or wait on App Store submissions.

OutSystems delivers a “responsive”-design mobile apps, which deliver a poor user experience and lack advanced mobile capabilities. Even for those that offer native mobility, separate hand-coding work and App Store submissions are required.


TrackVia provides multiple ways to quickly and easily connect your applications to virtually any other legacy system. This includes a simple drag-and-drop connector tool from Zapier, a robust API with dozens of SDKs, and custom microservices capabilities.

OutSystems requires complex manual coding, which makes connecting applications difficult and time-consuming.

Cost of Ownership

TrackVia typically costs a fraction of what other low-code systems charge. Users can also start simple by building a single application and expanding their usage over time. TrackVia’s intuitive design also eliminates costly and time-consuming administrator and end-user training.

OutSystems starts in the six-figure range. While they offer “free” trial, they do not provide a cost-effective way to prototype and test the platform in a real-world scenario. The opportunity cost of long, cumbersome implementations is yet another factor to consider.


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