Job Description:

Title: Implementation Engineer
Location: Denver, CO
Job Type: Full time
Education: 4-year college degree required
Experience: 2-5 years experience
Travel: Limited
Compensation: Salary; incentive stock options; generous healthcare and other benefits
Apply: Resume to

TrackVia Implementation Engineers work with new and existing customers to build their customized applications. As part of the Customer Success team, they must ensure customers have a smooth transition deploying a new software platform within their organization. Implementation Engineers are also required to train the administrator(s) of the accounts to maintain their applications.

• Gather requirements from customers to understand and build the architecture and workflow of their online application
• Design database and build tables, forms, filtered/formatted reports, dashboards and setup user permissions
• Set proper expectations and meet project milestones
• Assist with the app deploy and train users on the TrackVia platform

Required Experience
• Strong project management skills
• Account management experience
• Data modeling expertise with sound understanding of relational database principles
• Advanced Excel skills
• Technology enthusiasm/passion/aptitude
• Analytical problem solving
• Excellent written communications: clarity, brevity, grammar
• Excellent verbal communications: articulateness, patience, listening skills
• Microsoft Excel or Google Docs
• Formulas, charts, reports
• Software as a Service (SaaS) application experience
• Strong mathematical skills (statistics, finance, logic)

Experience Preferred
• Microsoft Access, MySQL, Filemaker or similar database
• Database architecture (entity relationship diagrams)

To apply for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to CAREERS@TRACKVIA.COM.