Our Customer Support Advocates serve on the front lines of the exciting world of cloud computing. Every day you’ll interact with smart business people from all kinds of companies to solve real world business problems. With company values like “take pride in your work” and “create a fun workplace” the team around you enjoys coming to work and is highly motivated to be successful.

In this position, you’ll have great impact not only on our customers and prospective customers, but you’ll also play a key role in shaping our product road map and marketing strategy, as you analyze and convey the feedback you receive from conversations with customers.

Job Responsibilities
Your primary job in this role is to problem solve. In other words, this is NOT a cookie-cutter, Tier 1 tech support role. If you enjoy the intellectual stimulation of working with customers to find solutions to interesting challenges, you’ll love this position! Your primary activities will be supporting our customers via phone, email, live chat and monitoring our online community. You’ll also be a key voice to advocate for our customers as you interact with our product development, sales and marketing teams.

You’ll need to quickly become proficient with TrackVia (the product) and ultimately become a product expert. At its heart, TrackVia is a database technology and so you’ll earn valuable technical skills that will serve you well in your future technology career.

Intangibles such as problem-solving skills, analytical ability, good manners, good grammar, and patience are critical (if you prefer to bang out sloppy emails rife with typos and poor grammar, please look elsewhere for your dream job). The ideal candidate will have a passion for technology and advanced familiarity with Excel (nested IF formulas, VLOOKUP, etc.). If you have experience in any database (Access, Filemaker, MySQL, etc.), know basic relational database concepts and have familiarity with Web development (HTML/CSS/Javascript) you’ll be sitting pretty for this position!

Key Duties
• Provide customer training and online product demos
• Create advanced formulas that make customer applications sing and dance (IF, OR, LOOKUP, etc.)
• Help customers set up views, charts and dashboards
• Provide product support via phone, email, live chat and online community
• Provide basic “data model” recommendations for a relational database
• Provide HTML assistance to customers setting up Web forms, email campaign templates, etc.
• Create product customizations using TrackVia’s customization tools

Desired Experience and Skills
• Technology enthusiasm/passion/aptitude
• Analytical problem solving
• Excellent written communications: clarity, brevity, grammar
• Excellent verbal communications: articulateness, patience, listening skills
• Excel power user
• Understand basic relational database concepts
• Familiarity with web technologies (HTML/CSS/Javascript)
• Professionalism: promptness, attention to detail, organization
• College degree (4 year)

Company Description

TrackVia is one of the fastest-growing tech startup companies in Denver. While we appreciate experience, we value pure talent, raw skills and work ethic even more. TrackVia is more than just a place to come and work. It’s a place where people come to prove themselves and their ideas by making a big impact.

Ranked #22 on Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work list, we put a big emphasis on making this a special place to work.

To apply for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to CAREERS@TRACKVIA.COM.