Today smartphones outnumber humans on the planet. Add tablets to the mix, and it’s clear that the world has forever gone mobile.

It’s time for companies to tap into this trend and thus embrace and benefit from the realities of the modern work. In this e-book, you’ll find three top benefits of mobilizing your operational workflows.


All corporations are focused on compliance of some sort and have a vested interest in ensuring that their data doesn’t leave them open to liabilities.

Lost or Insecure Data = A Compliance Nightmare
With compliance and data security in mind, think about this common scenario: John, employee at ABC Energy, tests water near drilling operations to ensure the company upholds its commitment to environmental safety. He tests each site, records the results on a clipboard using paper and pen, and later enters the results into a spreadsheet once back at the office. What happens if somehow between the worksite and the office the day’s water collection data is lost? Not an ideal situation for ABC Energy and one that many companies find themselves battling often.

Mobility to the Rescue
With access to a mobile workflow management solution, John can simply enter data collected on-site using a custom form on his mobile device. He can also take pictures of testing strips and equipment, geo-tag his location and sign his name to ensure environmental standards were met. When the data is entered, Sally who sits in the corporate compliance office is notified, so she can log results for the region before sending her work off to the next person involved in the process. (Picture your compliance team cheering!)

Mobile workflow management helps companies:
• Ensure compliance with industry standards
• Lessens chances of lost or stolen field data
• Eliminates duplicate work back at the of, ice

Additionally since many mobile applications and platforms come with enterprise-level security and encryption, companies can also rest assured that their data is safe across devices and locations.


Anywhere, Anytime Work
The era of a nine-to-five workday at a physical desk is over. Increasingly, the workforce is mobile. In fact, 48% of knowledge workers use a smartphone for work, and 21% have bought these devices themselves.1 To take advantage of this reality, companies should enable employees to be productive and complete work anytime, anywhere.

We live in a world of instant and ubiquitous access to information. For example, think of the information you can find with a 30-second Google search! Why should companies not take advantage of this speed of information? With mobile workflow management, there’s no more waiting on field or mobile employees to send data collected on work sites, in the warehouse, or on the manufacturing floor to employees located in the office and vice versa. Employees can complete tasks and perform work wherever they might be physically located.

Data-Driven Decisions:
Due to the complexity of modern work and the flattening of traditional corporate hierarchies, the average knowledge worker must be equipped to make regular decisions that can have critical implications for the organization. Real-time reporting accessible from mobile devices means employees can leverage data and analytics to drive informed decision making across the enterprise. The result? Decisions that help cut costs and boost the bottom line.


Mobile Increases Speed-to-work completion
A standard rule of thumb for workflows that require tasks completed by three or more people take seven business days to complete.4 If someone is out of the office or in the field, this number only increases.

Can you imagine the increase in your customer satisfaction numbers and the resulting profit if you could cut down on this time-to-workflow completion? Through better overall coordination and collaboration, what if your company could strengthen its quality control processes and decrease the frequency of expensive defects or warranty claims?

Mobile workflow management makes these “if statements” into profitable realities. Armed with a mobile work management solution, employees can sign off on approvals, enter or access data, view reports and dashboards and the like while on the go or away from their desk. This means that operational processes or projects progress with “Out-ofthe- Office”-based impediments.

Less Wasted Time and Effort
What about all the emails from colleagues that include Excel documents? In this scenario, most employees simply cannot collaborate effectively with others. Not to mention, trying to zoom in and out and attempting to make changes to a spreadsheet on a mobile phone is just plain frustrating. In fact, three out of four employees simply do not use spreadsheets on their phone due to mobile limitations, and of those that do, 90% say they can only view and not edit or contribute to spreadsheets.

Mobile workflow management eliminates the need to manipulate spreadsheets on a mobile device and turns data entry, tracking, and reporting into an easy and efficient process for on-the-go employees. Mobile workflow management translates into less time wasted by employees who must sort through never-ending email chains or multiple versions of Excel documents, whether on a mobile device or at the office. And as we all know…time is money.

The ROI of Mobile Workflow Management

TrackVia provides mobile workflow management solutions to more than 1,200 businesses worldwide, including many Fortune 500 companies. As a result, we know that companies that leverage mobile workflow management obtain a significant a return on investment (ROI). But don’t just take our word for it… Here are some of the benefits that our clients have realized since mobilizing their operational workflows:


This global manufacturer of industrial-grade trucks implemented TrackVia to streamline internal operations processes for everything ranging from vendor management to quality control. They save an estimated $200,000 in annual productivity gains as a result.


To help streamline the processes of tracking their over 4,000 subcontractors, DIRECTV implemented TrackVia to manage their suppliers and the work these suppliers perform. DIRECTV estimates it saves over 1,300 hours of manual work a year since implementing TrackVia, and now has real-time visibility into their supplier management operations.


To improve manufacturing floor efficiencies, Sewon wanted a solution that provided real-time production metrics on the manufacturing floor. Using TrackVia, they are now able to capture QC and production data using tablets, and that data is reported in real time. As a result of implementing TrackVia, Sewon has decreased scarp by 18%, overtime hours by 36% and warehouse space by 33%.

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About TrackVia

TrackVia is a mobile workflow application platform that helps businesses rapidly deploy their own applications to easily streamline data collection and manage operational processes—without the need for programming. TrackVia’s unrivaled mobile capabilities make it easy for employees to enter data, scan barcodes, geotag locations, check reports and collaborate on any iOS or Android device. Additionally, the system’s detailed dashboards and real-time reporting, accessible from any device, give you enhanced visibility into your operations, and equip your employees to leverage data to drive more informed business decisions across the enterprise.


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