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Build your own project management solution fast... and with zero technical knowledge!

Business Process Ease

Set milestones, track and assign key tasks and stay connected with team members with project management software built the way you need it.


Tracking Time and Milestones

When it comes to projects, sticking to your timeline is critical. That’s why we’ve built-in several reports to track your time spend on each task, as well as a running total. Flexible status fields also help track your tasks and milestones.


Everything in One Place

All of your project data is stored in one secure location, instead of disparate, siloed spreadsheets. No longer will your processes and productivity suffer while you tackle duplicate versions of data.


Reporting and Collaboration

Keep your project team up-to-date and connected with custom, real-time views, reports and dashboards. Automated notifications ensure your team doesn't drop the ball on follow-up activities.

Project Management Software Use Case

Several areas of Gannett Healthcare Group were burdened with ad-hoc, oftentimes manual and inconsistent processes that needed to be optimized with a custom project management software solution.

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Upload a spreadsheet, or simply build something from scratch. Whichever method you choose, TrackVia's workflow software platform makes it drop-dead easy, with zero programming required.

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