Custom Business Applications
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Like a snowflake, your business is unique. Instead of adjusting your business around software that isn't a fit, you can build custom business applications that are 'just right'.

3 Big Wows

While custom developers, consultants and the IT department are always an option, they can be expensive and time consuming. With TrackVia, building custom business applications is simple and quick.


Fast and Easy

Our powerful platform makes building or configuring custom business applications fast and intuitive. Whether you’re importing data from an old application or a spreadsheet, or building something from scratch, most people design, build and deploy their custom business applications in less than 7 days. Best of all, there’s zero technical or coding knowledge required.


Forever Flexible

The beauty of custom business applications is that you can design them exactly the way you want, with the features you need, and without the ones that just get in the way. Additionally, you can continue to refine your application as your needs evolve without having to hire a consultant or going through IT to do it.


Infinitely Versatile

The only limit to what you can build is your own imagination. Our customers have built everything from customized CRM or order management applications, to specialized solutions for the healthcare, hospitality, automotive and real estate industries.

Custom Business Applications Use Case

With TrackVia, Healthways built custom business applications to enable diversification beyond core disease management and into preventive care.

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Upload a spreadsheet, or simply build something from scratch. Whichever method you choose, TrackVia's workflow software platform makes it drop-dead easy, with zero programming required.

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